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WIFI Wireless RF Site Survey Process

WIFI Wireless RF site surveys are typically conducted using computer software that collects and analyses WLAN metrics and/or RF spectrum characteristics. Before a survey, a floor plan or site map is imported into a site survey application and calibrated to set scale.

During a WIFI survey, a surveyor walks the facility with a portable computer that continuously records the data. The surveyor either marks the current position on the floor plan manually, by clicking on the floor plan, or uses a GPS receiver that automatically marks the current position if the survey is conducted outdoors. After a survey, data analysis is performed and survey results are documented in site survey reports generated by the application.

All these data collection, analysis, and visualization tasks are highly automated in modern software. In the past, however, these tasks required manual data recording and processing.

Our WIFI Wireless Site Survey insures a WLAN wireless local area network will be optimized for your facility, implementing a solution that delivers performance, coverage and roaming capability.

We use advanced RF software, testing for RF interference, to collect the information needed to perform an efficient survey which includes the following:

  • SNR Measurement
  • RF Interference
  • Power peaks
  • Channel interference
  • Channel Overlap

A WLAN WIFI Site Survey determines the correct number access points, placement, and configuration to provide the required RF coverage in your facility.

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Wifi RF site survey process

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